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Gary Morgan

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Gary Morgan
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Service number: 818-886-8687
Email: Click here to check availability of GARY
Skills: Car, Fire, Gymnastics, Horse/Animal, Martial Arts (All Techniques), Motorcycle, Bunji Jump, Fights, Precision Driving, High Performance Vehicular Stunts (Cars, Trucks, Boats), Ramp Jumps, Car Rigging, Motorcycle & Moto Cross Riding, Fire Gags, Burns & Weapons, Squibs, Acrobatics, Aerial Specialists (Trapeze, Silks, Hoops, High Wire), Trampoline Work, Air Rams, Sword Work, Choreography & Instruction, Weaponry, Rappeling, High Falls, Certified Scuba Diving & Instruction, Snow Sports (Skiing, Snow Boarding, Ice Skating), Equestrian Skills (Western, English, Saddle Falling), Action Actors
Physical Traits
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 7 inch
Weight: 128 lbs lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Waist: 29 "
Inseam: 30 "
Coat Size: 36S
Sleeve: 32 "
Shoe: 8
Hat: 7 1/8
Actor Double

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